Food extinction

Juan José Egúsquiza

What if we lose all our animal biodiversity?


In a futuristic world, what would happen if there are not animals left? A speculative design project for the Food systems class. Series of projections that tell us about this issue


Food Systems: Interventions + Remediations

Stair Brawl

Juan José Egúsquiza, Kevin Stirnweis, Wangshu Sun, Xiwei Huang

Stair Brawl is a two-player arcade game where two sides try to reach the top of the stairs while knocking each other back with falling objects.


Stair Brawl is an arcade game in a custom-built cabinet where two players compete to reach the top of a set of stairs. Players can move, jump, and wreck havoc on their opponent by sending falling objects to set them back and knock them down. This game uses an alternating button system to move so players will have to quickly press two buttons and coordinate to hit the third to rain objects on their nemesis.


Digital Fabrication for Arcade Cabinet Design

c o ( d e ) s i g n

Ella Dagan , Eve J Weinberg, Phil Guo, Juan José Egúsquiza, Leslie E Ruckman, Lindsey Johnson, Michelle Hessel, Martin Romero, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold, Shir David, Wipawe Sirikolkarn, Yan Zhao

An exhibition of 2D prints and sculpture objects, generated in code. The work represents the efforts of the students in the Spring 2016 section of Programming Design Systems, taught by Rune Madsen.


c o ( d e ) s i g n is a collection of work made in the Programming Design Systems class. The two and three dimensional works represent a variety of applications for building designs purely with code. Each project represents a unique algorithmic approach to computational systems which solve a variety of design problems.


Programming Design Systems