Stair Brawl

Juan José Egúsquiza, Kevin Stirnweis, Wangshu Sun, Xiwei Huang

Stair Brawl is a two-player arcade game where two sides try to reach the top of the stairs while knocking each other back with falling objects.


Stair Brawl is an arcade game in a custom-built cabinet where two players compete to reach the top of a set of stairs. Players can move, jump, and wreck havoc on their opponent by sending falling objects to set them back and knock them down. This game uses an alternating button system to move so players will have to quickly press two buttons and coordinate to hit the third to rain objects on their nemesis.


Digital Fabrication for Arcade Cabinet Design

Replicating Nature

Adi Wiedersheim Sendagorta, Francesca Rodriguez Sawaya, Kevin Stirnweis

A series of digital flowers will grow in flower pots arranged on a shelf, receding and breaking down in the presence of humans.


As we strive to replicate the real world with larger screens and better graphics, we ironically destroy the natural world we attempt to imitate. Our project confronts the individual with an intended replication of nature but as the viewer gets closer this replication disintegrates, leaving the viewer thinking about how our desire to reproduce nature actively aids in its destruction.

Replicating Nature is comprised of six flower pots featuring unique projections resting on two shelves. Proximity sensors are installed so that when someone approaches these projections of flowers, they begin to “glitch” as they then disappear.