Big Bang Bubble Boogie

Ian Gibson, Nicole He, Paula Ceballos Delgado, Philip J Donaldson

An aqua-cosmic dance adventure where players must collaborate to show off their intergalactic dance moves


Big Bang Bubble Boogie is an arcade game where players must collaborate to dance their way through increasingly challenging levels to intergalactic stardom. Think of it as dance dance revolution meets whack a mole. As players walk up to our game they are greeted with a large array of colored buttons. During the game the player or players must work together to match button combinations on the controller with on-screen queues at an ever growing tempo, and using increasingly complex button combos. Players are rewarded based on how quickly they can find the right buttons and penalized for any incorrect presses, so watch out button mashers! Come join us and dance the night away doing the Big Bang Bubble Boogie.


Digital Fabrication for Arcade Cabinet Design


Jordan Frand, Nicole He, Paula Ceballos Delgado

Méroir is not an average mirror. It plays with aspects of life that the we take for granted: reality, time, and the sense of self.


Méroir is a mirror that isn't a mirror. Coming from a combination of the French “mé-” (equivalent to the prefix “un-“) and miroir (“mirror”), méroir is an “unmirror” that makes you take a closer look and think twice about time, reality and your sense of self. Part of our inspiration for this project came from the work of Robert Irwin, whose art plays subtly with the limits of human perception. Méroir's effect is achieved using a two way mirrored acrylic, HD monitor, two hidden cameras, sound, and the video effect software Isadora. The lights around the mirror just burned out today, but the rest of it is working perfectly.


Nothing: Creating Illusions