Olivia Cueva

Using unity3d and a custom built flora and fauna arcade cabinet to tell the story of Za's adventure in the Jungle, where the main character is trying to dodge monsters and jungle pitfalls while collecting parts of her space ship so she can go back to her home.


Throughout the semester, we have learned how to make games using Unity3D and various shop tools (mainly the CNC) to build out a game console and arcade cabinet. We are making game in 2D that uses side scrolling, video input, various physics, scripts and animations, and imported drawn sprites to tell a story about an alien girl getting through the obstacles of an unknown environment in order to get back home. To immerse you into the game there will be many tactile features on the cabinet as well as the game controller, which will be a vine/rope that you move around to swing the alien girl through the jungle.


Digital Fabrication for Arcade Cabinet Design