Skinner's Scanner

Oryan Inbar, Samuel Sadtler, Thea Rae

An Interactive installation that tells the life of a scanner, through it's own eyes.


Story telling through a day to day object. This is a story of scanner in an elementary school. When Mora, a new teacher starts messing around with the machine, she accidentally spills coffee on it and the point of view of the scanner gives a new perspective…



Zombie Self Awareness Tool Kit

Samuel Sadtler

The best way to bring yourself to awareness and subvert the current apocalypse.



Exploring ways to reflect on our relationships with our phones and ask the question. What can life be? Featured projects include: Shakie: the best selfie app for blurry photos, Chance of Rainbows app: Whats better than checking the weather? Rainbows!, Post Texts: for sending physical text messages, Crete: the worlds first connected brink for disconnecting but still getting notifications so you can sleep at night, and Zombie Crossing: a simple update to dated civic infrastructure.


Readymades, Thesis