Teresa Lamb

My project is a garment that translates the natural rhythm of knitting into sound in order to connect the wearer more deeply to their process.


Will cyborgs knit? Cyberknitics is the study of how emerging technology can enhance – not replace – the experience of making something by hand. Crafting is calming, healing, communal, expressive and empowering. It fills a basic human desire that transcends its utility. My work explores what it means to be a crafter now, and what it will mean in the future.

My project is a harness-like vestment that translates the motion of knitting into sound. As someone who knits, I have become increasingly interested in how to capture and convey the natural rhythm of the craft. The music is meant to inspire a stronger connection between the knitter and their process, and to invite the audience to engage with the spiritual practice of creating something from nothing.