Stair Brawl

Juan José Egúsquiza, Kevin Stirnweis, Wangshu Sun, Xiwei Huang

Stair Brawl is a two-player arcade game where two sides try to reach the top of the stairs while knocking each other back with falling objects.


Stair Brawl is an arcade game in a custom-built cabinet where two players compete to reach the top of a set of stairs. Players can move, jump, and wreck havoc on their opponent by sending falling objects to set them back and knock them down. This game uses an alternating button system to move so players will have to quickly press two buttons and coordinate to hit the third to rain objects on their nemesis.


Digital Fabrication for Arcade Cabinet Design

Dark Maze

Christina Choi, Jordan Frand, Mathura Govindarajan, Wangshu Sun

Dark Maze is a mind controlled maze that aids in memory and focus training.


Dark Maze is a playful exploration of the openBCI platform to create new human-computer interactions. Using “mind control,” our user can navigate through various tilt mazes in the physical world, without lifting a hand.

The openBCI software and hardware can read electrical signals from the brain, muscles and heart (EEG, EMG, and ECG, respectively).

To feign “mind control,” our user wears a headset which reads EEG, EMG and accelerometer data.

To initiate the maze, the user must “focus” and demonstrate high alpha waves to illuminate the otherwise “dark maze.”

When the lights turn on, the user can see the path ahead, and use hands-free control to progress.

To control movement within the maze, eye blinks trigger EMG signals which moves the ball left or right. To trigger up and down, the user tilts their head forward and backward.


Body Electric