Yurika Mulase

Sanctuary is the world I imagine when I play the piano–a fantasy forest that grows around me and my music. In this virtual world, I can create an intimate and secluded stage where I can overcome my anxiety by minimizing my awareness of the audience.


Sanctuary is a shared virtual reality experience for me and a small audience. As a self-conscious piano player, I have never been able to share my personal compositions with others. My imaginary oasis throughout my piano career has been a magical forest where plants and trees grow and bloom with my music. Sanctuary is a representation of this world in VR with animated, child-like, whimsical greenery that emerges along with the musical notes as they are played. Audience members are invited to join me in my virtual forest and indulge in a private world-building session driven by my piano playing. They are represented as glowing orbs in the virtual world, like spirits wandering around a fantasy landscape.