Wind Chimes

Roxanne Kim

Real-time Light Fixture


I inspired by wind chimes that create a beautiful sound through moving by wind. The fact that people can notice the existence of wind through the wind chimes is really interesting point to me. Then, I got few questions.
How people can see wind? How can ‘wind’ be visualized?


Always On, Always Connected, Light and Interactivity, Homemade Hardware


Dorothy Chi Hung Lam

beacon: a solar rechargable emergency signal wristband that can be repurposed for other GSM message delivery.—BEACON-Emergency-SMS-wristband


After Serena's research, she found that all of the current distress signal wristbands in the market relies on an app that's being run simultaneously with a smart phone, which limits the user accessibility. So we're designing a wristband that will be solar rechargable and has complete GSM capabilities on its own.


Homemade Hardware

Waiting in the Rain

Samantha Schulman

Umbrella lamp for a bus stop that interacts with and simulates rain.


It is an umbrella that will be on a stand as if it was placed at a bus stop. It will glow dimly until someone walks underneath. Then it uses audio and light to simulate the feeling of rain. When it is actually raining, lights above will turn on where water hits.
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Homemade Hardware, Light and Interactivity