Wind Chimes

Roxanne Kim

Real-time Light Fixture


I inspired by wind chimes that create a beautiful sound through moving by wind. The fact that people can notice the existence of wind through the wind chimes is really interesting point to me. Then, I got few questions.
How people can see wind? How can ‘wind’ be visualized?


Always On, Always Connected, Light and Interactivity, Homemade Hardware

Mirages : Light Experiments

Hayeon / Hayley Hwang, Yeseul Song

Interactive light installation which creates illusions on the wall using multiple DMX lights


Mirages: Light Experiments is an interactive light installation which creates illusions on the wall using multiple DMX lights. The project invites audiences to a playful and imaginative world formed with lights where they can manipulate mirages by moving their body.


Light and Interactivity, Nature of Code (Animation and Physics)

Sea & Mulberry field

Siman Li

A light installation that shows the changes in nature.


Sea and Mulberry field is a Chinese idiom that literally means the sea changes into mulberry fields. This idiom is used by Chinese speakers to describe the inexorable change in world events.
This would be a light installation that tells the changes in nature using the silhouette of the shapes, and using stepper motors as to show the flying of time.
Now this project is still in process, and would be done by spring show, pictures can be seen in the link, and the video is the fabrication part.


Light and Interactivity, Subtraction

Waiting in the Rain

Samantha Schulman

Umbrella lamp for a bus stop that interacts with and simulates rain.


It is an umbrella that will be on a stand as if it was placed at a bus stop. It will glow dimly until someone walks underneath. Then it uses audio and light to simulate the feeling of rain. When it is actually raining, lights above will turn on where water hits.
Please visit the Project URL to find out more.


Homemade Hardware, Light and Interactivity