Looking Through Mirror of Ice

Miao Tian

It is a AR experience through Hololens, people will pass a line of objects and trigger virtual objects to appear.



Inspired by Alice Through the Looking Glass, this project provides an experience for viewer to be a walking mirror. There will be a couple of existing furnitures lined up to start with. Virtual objects will appear when user trigger the event along with sound effects.

The Video is a demo of a working case in Unity. I have yet to find the right equipment to properly record through Hololens.


Avant-Garde Procedural Art, Nature of Code (Animation and Physics)

Somnolent Listener

Utsav Chadha

Making lectures interactive.



Somnolent listener is a software that makes lectures interactive using speech recognition and synthesis.

The listener interprets speech, produces subtitles, captures keywords, records a transcript, creates visualizations and also makes music.


Interactive Music, Nature of Code (Animation and Physics)

Multisensory Music

Michael Simpson

A tool for creating audio/visual experiences that provides the composer with realtime multi-sensory feedback (audio/visual/haptic) tied to their physical interaction.



This project offers the viewer a series of different musical interfaces (software) and allows them to interact with both the audio and the visual elements which are being projected onto a screen. The idea is to provide the audience with a multi-sensory AV experience by tightly weaving sound, graphics, and physical gestures (via mouse/wacom/drum pads/faders).


Data Art, Interactive Music, Nature of Code (Animation and Physics), Nature of Code (Intelligence and Learning), Shader Studio

Mirages : Light Experiments

Hayeon / Hayley Hwang, Yeseul Song

Interactive light installation which creates illusions on the wall using multiple DMX lights



Mirages: Light Experiments is an interactive light installation which creates illusions on the wall using multiple DMX lights. The project invites audiences to a playful and imaginative world formed with lights where they can manipulate mirages by moving their body.


Light and Interactivity, Nature of Code (Animation and Physics)

Kodi Learns To Cook

Steven Simon

Children's interactive storybook



After taking Nature of Code (Animation and Physics) this semester, I was able to enhance the games in a children's interactive storybook that I created for my ICM final last semester. I added physics to the games in the book, and libraries such as matter.js. This book is ready for multiple user-testing and more feedback. The ITP show is a perfect opportunity for this.


Nature of Code (Animation and Physics)