Sonic + Spectrum: Society

Ari Melenciano

An audio-visual interactive mixtape that discusses: race, racism and most specifically, "Whiteness."


For my final, I wanted to discuss race, racism, and especially the idea of “Whiteness.” I did so by creating an Interactive Audio Visual Mixtape. I created sight distortion tools that manipulate colors in a way that reveals my hidden messages. I then placed those hidden messages within highly stimulating graphics. The graphics' meanings and information changes with the use of the different ocular devices. Sounds accompany these visuals to create a more immersive and interactive experience.


Nothing: Creating Illusions, Teaching as Art


Roi Lev, Sharif Al-hadidi

Reactions explores our physical reality by changing the way physical objects react to our touch.


In a world where our new technologies have the name “reality” in them, it seems as we are trying to tweak and change the reality we live in. Using image recognition technologies, Reactions explores the way surface react to our touch.

A floating frame with transparent acrylic is hanged from the ceiling. From above, a camera is detecting the user's touch of the surface. On the floor, a projector is projecting a grid on the surface. The users can use their hands to create ripples on the grid and making sounds.


Nothing: Creating Illusions, The World, Pixel By Pixel


Mona (Hayeon) Kim , Jina Jung

An immersive adventure of nature enabled by magical paintings.


“Dreamers” is an interactive art installation that dissolves the line between the virtual and dream worlds. Our aim for this project is to allow users to experience unlimited expressions of a virtual fantasy. We combine generative mapping and physical objects to create possibilities for expression and transformation to a virtual world. When users place one or multiple objects of small paintings on the table, digital animations will generate on the frosted acrylic surface as the camera detects them. Each animation will show immersive space that reflects virtual paintings. The paintings are designed based on natural elements found in this city such as grass growing between rocks or inside the cracks of stone. Thus, the elements can dream in the new virtual space. Users and painting objects become the adventurer, dreamers, and floaters in exploring the imaginative place.


Nothing: Creating Illusions, Open Source Cinema, Readymades