Roi Lev, Sharif Al-hadidi

Reactions explores our physical reality by changing the way physical objects react to our touch.


In a world where our new technologies have the name “reality” in them, it seems as we are trying to tweak and change the reality we live in. Using image recognition technologies, Reactions explores the way surface react to our touch.

A floating frame with transparent acrylic is hanged from the ceiling. From above, a camera is detecting the user's touch of the surface. On the floor, a projector is projecting a grid on the surface. The users can use their hands to create ripples on the grid and making sounds.


Nothing: Creating Illusions, The World, Pixel By Pixel

Shape of You

Dani Woo Hyun Kim

Shape of You is a multi-user interactive mirror that detects joints of the human body, allowing them to connect and create two-dimensional shapes through movement and spatial exploration.


Made possible by Microsoft’s Kinect and p5.js, Shape of You detects 24 joints of the human body enabled by Kinectron’s skeletal tracking. These joints act as the point-of-origin and connects with other joints based on distance as the bodies move. As one joint becomes closer to another, they will connect. Up to six bodies can interact with each other to construct abstract yet linear shapes, through movement and spatial exploration.


The World, Pixel By Pixel

Orbit Training

Carlie Yutong Zhang

A necessary training of future life to keep the orbit from you


Orbit Training is an interactive project creating fake shadow of the audience according to their positions in the space.

In outer space, to stay in the orbit from another star, the aster has to speed up when it gets closer to it and slow down when it’s flying farther. But actually, everything with mass has “gravity”, we also have orbit from different people. So I captured people’s shadow and make them moving all the time and the speed is based on the distance. I call it The Orbit Training, envisioning it a necessary training of future life, but actually telling the story of people’s relationships.


Readymades, The World, Pixel By Pixel