Grau Puche Recarens

_waster is multiplayer game with physical controls where players race to waste $100 as fast as possible.




30 seconds to waste $100. This is a multiplayer game with physical controls where players race to waste $100 as fast as possible by swiping their finger to simulate the motion of “making it rain”.

The combination of a physical control with an ironically satisfying feedback, and good animations that match the sensation, allow the user to feel like you are actually “making it rain”.

The premise is quite simple. This allows to focus the experience towards the players and the interaction betweens each other embracing this way playful competitiveness.


Networked Media, Piecing it Together


Ying He, Yen-An Chen

Override the standard new tab page with a random unfinished artwork from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s online collection



This chrome extension deals with the premier show of the new MET Breuer building. The works displayed in this exhibition are unfinished works by artists from all over the world.


Thesis, Networked Media

Digital Consequences

Sebastian Morales

Your facebook likes hurt more than you think.



As our digital existence evolves, we continue to discover (rediscover) the meaning of our virtual self on our interaction with the medium.

Digital Consequences is a social mechanics piece where your “likes”, “loves” and “shares” are fed into a tangible machine, controlling it, revealing how our virtual live and our physical one are not parallel to each other but more often an intricate weaving.

This piece can be observed both physically at the gallery as well as online, where users can login to the live stream on their Facebook wall where they can then interact with others and the machine.

Spectators control, spectators decide, spectators have the power, even if they are not aware of it.


Networked Media

Wind Chimes

Roxanne Kim

Real-time Light Fixture



I inspired by wind chimes that create a beautiful sound through moving by wind. The fact that people can notice the existence of wind through the wind chimes is really interesting point to me. Then, I got few questions.
How people can see wind? How can ‘wind’ be visualized?


Always On, Always Connected, Light and Interactivity, Homemade Hardware


Kenzo Nakamura

Subdex is a crowd-sourced reading list platform.



Subdex.org is an online reading list platform.

Similar to Wikipedia, the website is characterized by pages dedicated to subjects.

Instead of written content by the crowd,
Subdex has links to media that relate to that content.

These links are up-voted by the crowd.

The best media (articles, books, videos) that relate to that subject will rise to the top,

creating an excellent reading list from which you can begin your studies.


Networked Media