Your VR Live Portrait + "Uzuklar"

Akmyrat Tuyliyev

Have your portrait drawn in VR, and experience a short ancient tale from Turkmenistan in VR painting in Tilt Brush.


Have your portrait draw in VR in Tilt Brush.

Uzuklar, a tale about the power of music that I grew up with in Turkmenistan, has always peaked my interest. It is a folklore that has been passed on orally through centuries by Turkmen musicians – dutar masters. Using Tilt Brush by Google, a VR painting tool, I created a VR mural telling the ancient legend. Uzuklar is a part of a virtual reality documentary delving into my father Suhan Tuyliyev’s mind and depression as a composer after the collapse of the USSR.


Fairy Tales for the 21st Century, Worlds on a Wire: Narrative Storytelling in VR