The Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette

Angela Perrone

The Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette is an immersive exhibit that tells a piece of the history of women in comedy, showing that yes, ladies are hilarious. This experience transports visitors to the 1970s and into the writers room of pioneer comedy writer Sybil Adelman, where they can interact with the objects in the space to experience her story as a groundbreaking female comedy writer navigating the male-dominated writers world of that era.


The Museum of Funny Ladies, A Museumette brings to life a moment from history of women in comedy, the 1970s, when pioneer lady comedy writers broke into an industry primarily dominated by men. This exhibit transports visitors back to the 1970s, and places them in the writer’s seat of pioneer TV comedy writer, Sybil Adelman. From a typewriter to scripts, telephones to a television, visitors can interact with objects in the space that were part of a writer’s daily routine, and experience what it was like to be the only woman in the room, through Sybil’s eyes. The Museumette is an excerpt from my design plan for the Museum of Funny Ladies and acts as a proof-of-concept for this larger museum design. You’ll laugh, you’ll sigh. And you will leave knowing that with chutzpah and humor, women were able to navigate their way to success in this male-dominated world.