Baris Siniksaran, Chang Gao, Michael Kripchak, Roi Lev

Simulacra is a mixed reality Sci-fi experience about the tension between the virtual and the physical worlds.


Simulacra is a mixed reality sci-fi experience about the tension between the virtual and the physical worlds. The experience takes place in a futuristic apartment where the visitor follows an introduction tutorial to the OS of the future. The OS takes the visitors on a tour presenting and encouraging them to interact with the main features of the system. The environment consists of 3 centers to answer every aspect of our computers – Desktop for productivity, Pillows for communications and Picture for entertainment.

The virtual room is perfectly mapped to a physical furnished room, allowing the user to walk freely in space. By combining Vive headset with leap motion, the visitor can interact with the virtual world simply by touching the physical objects in the room. The current technologies allow us to immerse ourselves in new environments and stories rather than watching them on a 2D screen. By mixing interaction with physical objects, virtual environment and augmented reality techniques, Simulacra creates a world of representations that blurs the definitions of real and fake.

Technical Director: Michael Kripchak

Interaction Designer: Chang Gao (Chloe)

Animations: Barış Sınıksaran

Written and directed by Roi Lev.


Worlds on a Wire: Narrative Storytelling in VR

The Meditation Master (WAVR)

Baris Siniksaran, Sean Seunghwan Kim

Exploring the abilities of mind power through virtual reality with WAVR.


The immersive mixed reality experience WAVR, in which neuro-controlled VR technology uses biosensors to monitor increases in alpha waves (brain waves that increase as a person enters a meditative state). The brainwave data triggers commands on the VR application, allowing the user to control virtual objects with their mind. In addition to virtual reality, WAVR engages other physical senses through a vibrating chair, a fan blowing cool air, and wafts of perfume.


Neuromachina, Worlds on a Wire: Narrative Storytelling in VR, Project Development Studio