Jennings v. Rodriguez

Alexander Zimmer, Jaycee Holmes, Laura Kerry, Oriana Neidecker

Introducing three people effected by the Supreme Court case Jennings v. Rodriguez about unfair treatment of non-citizens in the U.S., the windows invite viewers into the intimate stories of people whose live have been disrupted by prolonged detention.


Three perforated walls each containing three slits, the windows of the Jennings v. Rodriguez tell narratives inspired by people from an amicus brief—a story brief filed by a party outside of a case—from the Supreme Court case Jennings v. Rodriguez. Using physical objects relevant to each story, text, and audiovisual scenes, each window provides and intimate look into the lives of non-citizens in the U.S. who were impacted by prolonged detention.


Playful Communication of Serious Research

Learning Energy

Jaycee Holmes

A small interactive installation on generating renewable energies: solar and kinetic.


Renewable energies are not as inaccessible as some may think. Learning Energy is an interactive museum installation that educates its users on the process of using renewable energy sources to power small-scale physical-computing projects. Users can use a hand crank or shine a lamp over a solar panel to see how the power generated through kinetic and solar structures compare to the electrical power we generate through a plug.