Ahead of the Times

Jesse Horwitz, Satbir Samantha Multani

Being able to share news with one step at a time. <br />
These shoes cycles through current news headlines, word by word with every step you take.



This project is about using video projection to share news with a large audience.It's done in a way that it's not intrusive but more so it's surprising and delightful. As one walks with the shoes you cannot distinguish what words are being projects, but you can see flashes of light coming from the bottom of their feet. Once they stop and raise their feet you'll be able to read the new headline beaming out of their foot.



The Radius Project

Jesse Horwitz

A device that measures experienced population density with WiFi.



The Radius Project is a first step toward documenting and visualizing population density as expressed through digital communications devices. The Radius device listens for WiFi signals that are broadcasted by smartphones and laptop computers to create an estimate of its surrounding population density. When these data are recorded the result is a new type of population metric called “experienced density”. This experienced density metric can be used to quantify otherwise vague constructs like “crowded” or “busy” in a systematic way. While radius is active, it records experienced density along with current GPS location and time. These density data are then exported in a standard CSV format readable by most mapping, data visualization, and statistics platforms. With Radius, individual users can generate unique census-style datasets, revealing patterns within places, populations, and even their own social life.



Thesis Presentation Video