Conductive Crystallized Textiles

Sandy Hsieh

Cultivating conductive embellished textiles with electrolysis and exploring its potential for embedded electronic circuitry.


Inspired by “artificilae/matter”, Hannah Croft's extensive collection of samples where crystals are grown onto woven and embroidered textiles to create mineral surfaces of ‘cultivated embellishment', I want to explore and expand the potential applications of growing conductive crystallized textiles with electrolysis. Conventional methods of crystal application typically involve hand-sewing or adhesives, which can be labor intensive and expensive. Growing crystals is an obvious and elegant alternative, and the results have an organic aesthetic. I will be focusing on integrating the crystallization of copper within textiles to generate traces for electronic circuits.


Expressive Interfaces: Introduction to Fashion Technology, Soft Robots and Other Engineered Softness

The Handy

Adekemi Sijuwade

A soft robotic glove prosthetic to help those with neuromuscular disorders.


The “Handy” is a glove meant to help those with weak fingers due to neuromuscular disorders. It is meant to be a tool to help with finger strength rehabilitation, as well as with functional tasks. These tasks include:

* Eating

* Dressing

* Picking up objects

* Finger strength exercises


Soft Robots and Other Engineered Softness

Programmable Air

Amitabh Shrivastava

A controllable air source that sucks as well as it blows.


The field of inflatable robotics is still in its infancy. So there are a lot of low hanging fruit up for grabs. As such, the more people involved in active experimentation, the faster the field will mature.

Working with inflatables involves a lot of prototyping as a part of the design process. To do any repeatable experiments with inflatables, a controllable air source is required.

I feel there isn't any affordable and easy to use programmable air source available for makers right now. This is a barrier to entry. Programmable Air is my attempt to create a bottom of the line air source that is cheaper and easier to use than anything available right now.

During the spring show, I will have a few fun configurations of programmable air like a balloon, vacuum gripper, SMD pick and place, a soft silicone robot ready for users to play with. But I'm looking for user feedback on what they'd want to use it for. And I would be looking for collaborators to contribute to the project.


Soft Robots and Other Engineered Softness