ITP Spring Show 2018

The Handy
Adekemi Sijuwade
A soft robotic glove prosthetic to help those with neuromuscular disorders.
Primate Quest
Elizabeth Ferguson, Haiyi Huang, Vidia Anindhita, Ella Chung
Find out your primate identity by exploring how diet relates to brain size.
Carlie Yutong Zhang
Which one is the real self? Body? Voice? Face? Or others’ judgements? How can audience’s body be used as a readymade material for the art piece and perform the role of “others”?
Creative Puppeteer
Zohreh Zadbood
Let's Try a Creative Performance with Robots
Tactile Time
Daniella Garcia-Rosales
WE ARE REVEALED IN OUR GESTURES. (Algorithms as metaphors, we are metaphors of time.)
Yuqiao Qin
Vuja De is a virtual reality experience that explores the connection of virtual and physical space. It is a 3-minute-long interactive voyage through the cycle of life, which creates an embodied experience by creating an emotionally compelling world that respond to the user’s breathing.
Timeline of the Far Future
Dongphil Yoo, Joohyun Park
What will happen?
NYC Beats
Rushali Paratey
A web art experiment for New York’s iconic subway musicians and their underground audiences, explores how to connect these artists in real time to engage their spectators via crowdsourced location information populated on a 3-dimensional map.
Live in Concert
Aidan Nelson
A virtual reality experience in which you've got to show up and make the best of a weird situation.
Brandon Kader
I created a system to seamlessly integrate music, visuals, and depth sensory data to perform as a conductor. The performer moves in a space to conduct music samples and generative visuals.
No One Wanna See U
April Liu, YANG YANG
The moment when you got wiped out from the world.
Erin Cooney, Kimberly Lin
Inside the SOMATAROT experience, you process your reading through the embodied oracle dance guided by mysterious holographic sibyls.
Jesse Simpson
Plop is a physics based sound application used to generate unique musical scores based on sound synthesis and samples.
Breathe With Me
Samantha Schulman
Breathe With Me is a wearable t-shirt that leverages the expansion and compression of pneumatics to encourage the wearer to focus on and control their breathing during moments of panic and anxiety.
Yue Fan
This is a travel route optimizer. It will help you plan the most efficient route to visit all the places you selected by using machine learning algorithms.
Rhythmic skin
Nicolas Peña-Escarpentier
Wearable device for one-person procedural musical performances
Feel a Watt
Daniel Castano
What about if I tell you, earth consumes 18TW. Energy is a difficult concept to explain and more difficult to visualize. Feel a Watt! will help the users to sense the concept of energy in a better way by using data visualization, analogies and interactive simulators at real scale. The user will understand how a Watt, KiloWatt, MegaWatt or GigaWatt look like.
Jamais Vu
Danni Huang
Jamais Vu is a serial virtual reality experience consisting of repetitive loops,  inspired some of my own recurring dreams.<br />
William hallett
Composed of a design fiction short film, an avatar-rigged 360 mockup, and some service design deliverables and branding, the project (Snap VR) is a speculative social communications platform for virtual embodiment sharing, where users can record experiences and share them via avatar rigged 360 videos.
Alexia Kyriakopoulou
Sygnómi (Greek for “I’m sorry”) is an interactive VR experience exploring the memories of a victim of domestic abuse. Sygnómi attempts to explain and educate the audience about the depth and complexities behind domestic abuse in more nuanced and unexpected ways.
The Nude Museum
Oriana Neidecker
The Nude Museum is a series of curated interactive virtual reality exhibitions that showcase a private collection of nude photography in the desert, on mars, and in a gallery setting.
1968 Washington Square Park
Ilana Pecis Bonder
A site-specific augmented-reality experience that transports the user back in time to 1968 Washington Square Park.
Eva Chen, Ella Chung
A VR Game experience for you to explore the space ship and try to figure out WHO YOU ARE!
Dongphil Yoo, You Jin Chung
Two laptops play hypothetical ping pong game.
Mithru Vigneshwara
This is a project that helps generate kinegrams, a type of paper/animation illusion.
Koji Kanao
'Mtindo' is a style transfer application for the desktop that offers non-technical people a unique opportunity to experience machine learning in action that explores some of the practical potentials of style transfer, beyond the game-like applications that are currently available. 'Mtindo' means style in Swahili<br /><br /><br />
I've often wondered what a self-portrait drawn by Van Gogh in the style of Picasso might look like and how I'd feel about it. Obviously, this never happened because Van Gogh died in 1890 when Picasso was just nine years old so we will never know for sure. Van Gogh never had a chance to see Picasso's art. Today, however, with texture synthesis techniques developed by Gatys et al. we have the potential to come close to simulating this possibility. We can combine an image created in one style with an image created in a different style to generate a new image with the content of the first image, but the style of the second. In this way, with style-transfer techniques, we can make a self-portrait painted by Van Gogh, Picasso-ish.
Reactive Display
M.H. Rahmani
A display that reacts, zooms-in, and shows you more when you take a closer look.
Arnav Wagh, Lauren Race, Lucas White
Social media is predominantly visual. Byte is a social media platform that is purely auditory, designed specifically for the low vision community.
Search Divides Us
Anthony Bui, Asha Veeraswamy, Katherine Wu, Keerthana Pareddy
Our project, Search Divides Us, is an exploration of the hidden bias that can exist within search engines.
Amazing Lanterns experience
Meicheng Jia, Yu-Hao Ko
This is a new genre of social media in VR world.
Greeting Booth
Anthony Bui, Nick Wallace
What's in a greeting? Exploring relationship dynamics in everyday interactions
Ridwan Madon
Mimosa is a wearable technology jewellery for women to distract creepy stares on their bustline.
Programmable Air
Amitabh Shrivastava
A controllable air source that sucks as well as it blows.
Terrick Gutierrez
Misundersthood is an interactive installation hoodie/narrative that addresses the issue of police brutality.
Ivy Huang, Joohyun Lee, Ridwan Madon
An Interactive Experience for users to understanding the imbalance situation in human brain.
In Orbit
Ayal Rosenberg, Isabella Vento
An installation that provides a journey to the viewer into the illusion of "green" digital consumption.
Manifest Energy
Jasmine Soltani
A series of artifacts that explore the limitations and opportunities for ecologically sustainable computing, with a focus on the energy consumed in the production of our digital devices.
Digital Rothko
Jason Yung
Colour field painting in the digital age
Max Horwich
A voice-controlled web VR experience invites you to sing along with the robotic choir
Talking Stone
Roland Arnoldt
A stone talks to humans when they are in tune with the language of the universe - true randomness.
Ji Young Chun, Namsoo Kim
A playful AR app that brings any object that has a detectable 'face' to life by placing user's speech balloon next to the face.
Rocket Slinger
Lucas Chung, Shreiya Chowdhary
An ITP arcade game that teaches you the fundamentals of orbital trajectories using rockets!
Itay Niv
â–£ polynote â–£ is a multiplayer musical AR experience generated by random notation from a web server between multiple players.
Painting Mirror
Ellen Nickles
Move the pieces and assemble your reflections in this interactive Cubist mirror. How many ways can you put yourself together?
Digital Fern
Lucas Chung
This project will be a robotic limb actuated with hydraulic cylinders using a neural network to move it towards points of light.
Five to Nine
Brandon Newberg, Kimberly Lin
Partying is a way to not only escape society’s norms but to form oneself, and a broader culture, in opposition to it. Five to Nine shows that this otherworldly place is a state of mind that can arise whenever we choose, even at our nine to five.
Ojo Oro – Thesis
Ari Melenciano
In applying emerging technologies to analog inventions, and developing  human-centric, visceral business strategies, what are the possibilities for an experimental neo-retro camera company?<br />
Mai Arakida Izsak
MaiSpace invites you to wander through a virtual place that is accessible to a global community on the VRChat platform, and to explore future possibilities of fostering personal connections in a fully digital universe.
Gold Hunter
Yuhan Zhang
How can I create an AR game that involves 2-3 people of any age, that is fun, beings them joy and surprises?
Cristobal Valenzuela
Constant increases in computer power and the proliferation and access to large databases have allowed machine learning to rapidly impact our society.  While commercial applications can be found everywhere, experimentation of new prototypes and techniques remains - for the most-  confined to computer scientists or engineers and has a limited reach to other fields. My thesis will try to explore who can a digital tool simplify the approachability and exploration of machine learning models in other disciplines. I will specifically focus my research on giving better access to state of the art machine intelligence techniques to artists and designers.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Given this framework, I will like to explore questions like:<br /><br />
<br /><br />
 - How can modern machine learning models be accessible for people outside of the realm of computer science?<br /><br />
<br /><br />
 - Can we have machines and humans collaborate in a generative process using tools that simplify how the two work together?
Barak Chamo, Tong Wu
A surveilling installation that confronts the audience with the panopticon of digital age
Haptic Wayfinding Bracelet
Vidia Anindhita, Sandy Hsieh
Wayfinding wearable device and mobile app that translates turn by turn directions to haptic vibrations to safely guide visually-impaired users to their desired destination.
Living Canvas
Nathier Fernandez, Shreiya Chowdhary
Living canvas is a living sculpture.  A map that explores [ITP] cohabitation and the impact of a shared microbiota. Its main purpose is to visualize the invisible organisms and recognize patterns through data, sample collection and [bio] material.
Climate Change Twister
Brandon Newberg, Jiyao Zhang
A game of twister, in the year 2100.
Conjure VR
Barak Chamo
A make-believe playground in virtual reality, say what you want and it will appear!
Revenge of Left Shark
Caleb Ferguson, Gabriel Goncalves
Play DDR with your hands! Many years after messing up at the Super Bowl XLIX, LEFT SHARK is ready to teach you his moves.
Chelsea Chen
All the mosaic pixels as a whole paint the landscape of digital surveillance state, which is a blurred image of depersonalization.