Five to Nine

Brandon Newberg, Kimberly Lin

Partying is a way to not only escape society’s norms but to form oneself, and a broader culture, in opposition to it. Five to Nine shows that this otherworldly place is a state of mind that can arise whenever we choose, even at our nine to five.


In order to expose the illusion of social norms we live with, we aim to create a space within a space, one where a different set of norms exists. Through examining nightlife as a means of challenging our habitus, we are creating an installation that evokes that sense of fantasy and alternative reality that can come at night.

Using a parabolic umbrella, leds, a speaker, and headphones, the project carves out its own universe. All of these elements are intended to be directional and can only be fully absorbed when inside of the space.


Nothing: Creating Illusions