Invisible Sculptures

Yeseul Song

Invisible Sculptures is an experiment that challenges human perception with sculptures that can only be “seen” by senses other than vision. The audience will incorporate different sensory abilities and activate their imagination to interact with the sculptures made of sound, temperature, and smell.


There are five identical display plinths. Each holds an invisible sculpture.

Sculpture I is a solid 3d form made of sound. To experience the work, move your hand over the plinth. Concentrate all of your senses to find the connection between what you touch and what you hear. You will soon find yourself in the land of synesthesia. Once you are aware of the shape, try to recreate the form using a handful of clay that will be handed to you.

Sculpture II is an obscure pattern floating on top of the second plinth. Move your hand over the plinth to hear and experience the sculpture. Is it rough or soft? Is it dense or light? Is it spiky?

Sculpture III is made of heat. The sculpture accompanies a real time thermal camera feed of the audience interacting with the piece.

Sculpture IV is made of cold air.

Sculpture V is stinky… You might not want to get too close to this one!

(See User Scenario below.)