Climate Change Twister

Brandon Newberg, Jiyao Zhang

A game of twister, in the year 2100.


A game of twister, adapted to be about a research paper 'carbon as a metric for the human'. The message of the project is that our lives will change because of climate change – we don’t know what will happen as the climate changes

but we’ll be living differently either because we mitigated it or because we didn’t. Modified from a traditional twister game, we try to use the way of twisting bodies to demonstrate the idea of us human making adaptions to this new world.

There are four rounds of the game. For each round, two players will be given a random scenario of the year 2100 and a question will be asked. Responding to the scenario and the question, both of the players need to choose an answer using a body part. After four rounds, they will finish choosing answers for four questions (how do they commute in 2100; how do they entertain themselves in 2100; what food do they eat in 2100 and what job do they have in 2100). Based on all the answers they choose, the game will generate a more detailed world and what kind of life they will be living in this world.


Playful Communication of Serious Research