Mithru Vigneshwara

This is a project that helps generate kinegrams, a type of paper/animation illusion.


The idea is to introduce the idea of Kinegrams to people, along with an explanation of how they work and allow participants to make their own kinegram animations.

Kinegrams are a type of paper illusion in which a static image animates by gliding a transparent film with a particular pattern of print along it. I've written a processing sketch that helps people easily generate such kinegrams, with the hope that it becomes a form of gif-like photobooth, where people can pose, make silly gifs and take back a printout of their gifs.

The video linked shows Mario's walk cycle, but I have other experiments to showcase as well.

Here's a link to the album of early test images generated by the program.

I intend to showcase my experiments and modify the current code to make it a photobooth that allows participants to generate kinegrams with their own faces / bodies.


Paper Engineering 101 and Designing for Children