Yuqiao Qin

Vuja De is a virtual reality experience that explores the connection of virtual and physical space. It is a 3-minute-long interactive voyage through the cycle of life, which creates an embodied experience by creating an emotionally compelling world that respond to the user’s breathing.


When was the last time you paid attention to your breath, the magic gift we all receive when we first arrive in this world? Breathing is a deep connection between our interior bodies and the outside world and it records every step we live as human beings. We breathe differently when we are curious, when we feel fear, when we feel appreciation, when we are close to danger. Vuja De is an immersive virtual experience that welcomes users to a journey that responds to their breathing. By generating a unique experience in virtual space, it is meant to help users re-sensitize themselves as humans, and reaffirm physical and spiritual inter-connections. The experience is built around three moments that are central to any human life—the moment of birth, a moment of wandering, and the embrace of a dream. The user’s breath is captured by a microphone embedded in the headset, which sends output into the digital environment that the user inhabits.