The Nude Museum

Oriana Neidecker

The Nude Museum is a series of curated interactive virtual reality exhibitions that showcase a private collection of nude photography in the desert, on mars, and in a gallery setting.


The Nude Museum is an exploration into how we can view and engage with art that is not physically displayed. Whether it is art in a private collection or in a museum’s storage, the reality is that most art lives in boxes and in warehouses. Virtual reality provides an experience of viewing the art itself that lies somewhere between seeing it in person and seeing it as a jpeg on a 2D screen.

The Nude Museum is a prototype that is part tool/part art piece that places a curated exhibition of a private collection of nude photography in various environments in virtual reality. It adds an otherworldly layer where the photos are curated with their environment and the experience is interactive.

Approaching a photo triggers an audio story about the piece, by the artist, their gallerist or from someone knowledgeable about it. It emulates the feeling of hearing about a piece from somebody first hand. Its conversational tone creates an enhanced viewing experience that makes the art more accessible and allows the viewer to connect on a deeper level with the work through stories. It is informative and surreal.

You have the opportunity to get closer to the art and really study it in a way that isn’t possible in a real museum. There are three different exhibitions of the collection in The Nude Museum, one in the desert, one on Mars, and one in a traditional museum setting.