Feel a Watt

Daniel Castano

What about if I tell you, earth consumes 18TW. Energy is a difficult concept to explain and more difficult to visualize. Feel a Watt! will help the users to sense the concept of energy in a better way by using data visualization, analogies and interactive simulators at real scale. The user will understand how a Watt, KiloWatt, MegaWatt or GigaWatt look like.



Energy is everywhere: light, nature cycles, animals metabolism, electricity, heat, food, actions, everywhere. That’s why we have a bunch of different unities in order to measure it. However, do we have a notion what a Joule or Watt means? What about Kilo, Mega or Giga Watts?. “Feel a Watt” will show practical examples about energy consumption in order to give the user a notion of how much energy is around him/her and what are some cases in which the energy needed may surprise us.

Instead of using a linear rhythm the user will be tested before keep going with the explanation to ensure understanding and a two-way feedback. The project takes advantage of the VR environment to create impossible objects which belong to a fictional world but explain the real world. This way the user will face nuclear bombs, natural disasters, and huge phenomenon harmlessly


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