Creative Puppeteer

Zohreh Zadbood

Let's Try a Creative Performance with Robots


This project is about a creative Puppeteer. I will use two machines (Axidraws, robots) instead of two people for moving my characters. Also I will use two inner Servos for the body's movements of my characters. I made a fabric dull which could be moved by the machines and also Servos.



Digital Fern

Lucas Chung

This project will be a robotic limb actuated with hydraulic cylinders using a neural network to move it towards points of light.


The Digital Fern is a robotic limb that uses syringes as hydraulic cylinders and mimics the behavior of plants by unfurling in the presence of light. Users will be invited to interact with it by controlling a light and seeing how the Digital Fern behaves as a reaction.

The Digital Fern is controlled by a simple trained neural network being run on a laptop nearby.


The Nature of Code, XYZ

Search Divides Us

Anthony Bui, Asha Veeraswamy, Katherine Wu, Keerthana Pareddy

Our project, Search Divides Us, is an exploration of the hidden bias that can exist within search engines.


The current architecture of the web encourages categorization. However, this categorization can negatively affect real world outcomes. In our exhibition, we would examine the pre-existing, technical, & emergent bias of web traffic segregation.


Homemade Hardware, Playful Communication of Serious Research, Subtraction, Tangible Interaction Workshop, Teaching as Art