Conjure VR

Barak Chamo

A make-believe playground in virtual reality, say what you want and it will appear!


Conjure VR is a3d creation and authoring environment that provides users with an intuitive voice and controller interface to create the VR environments of their dreams.

Using Daydream, Poly, Street View, Voice recognition and generation APIs, Conjure listens to your requests, transforms and creates virtual environments and looks up 3d models to load them into your scene. The intuitive interface translates across mobile devices, computer screens and VR headsets for ease of use and maximum accessibility. Want an elephant in Times Square or buses floating in space? Say “go to Times Square. Elephant please” and you got it!


Open Source Cinema, Synthetic Architectures


Barak Chamo, Tong Wu

A surveilling installation that confronts the audience with the panopticon of digital age


In the age of mass surveillance and commoditized information, we are all, willingly or not, constantly watched. Our devices, online presence, transaction history and even physical presence have become an asset for social network, world governments and corporations to own.

Panopticon is an interactive media sculpture that breaks the illusion of privacy and control of our digital identity and physical presence. Multiple camera rigs monitor users throughout the exhibition space, tracking and capturing their faces, and collecting the facial data to be projected on a semi-torus sculpture. The installation is inspired by the system of control of the same name, which was designed to use the least watchman to monitor the behavior of all inmates, and is aiming to reflect the fact that, when being watched by these “Big Brothers”, we have no where to hide.


Live Image Processing and Performance, Nothing: Creating Illusions