Eva Chen, Ella Chung

A VR Game experience for you to explore the space ship and try to figure out WHO YOU ARE!



You wake up in a space capsule, remember nothing. You have to explore the spaceship and try to figure out WHO YOU ARE.


Worlds on a Wire: Narrative Storytelling in VR

Primate Quest

Elizabeth Ferguson, Haiyi Huang, Vidia Anindhita, Ella Chung

Find out your primate identity by exploring how diet relates to brain size.



Recent NYU research proposes that over evolutionary time, diet drives larger brain size in primates — not social pressures as originally thought. Learn how these findings might apply to humans, who like our primate cousins have exceptionally large brains, too! We will be exploring with a Brain interactive to have an introduction of the primates, and a Diet interactive as a fun game connected with Kinect to find out how primates find their food!


Playful Communication of Serious Research