1968 Washington Square Park

Ilana Pecis Bonder

A site-specific augmented-reality experience that transports the user back in time to 1968 Washington Square Park.



1968 was a unique moment in the life of downtown Manhattan, and a year that is said to have changed the world. By creating a site-specific cinematic AR time-travel experience, we transport the user back in time to 68' Washington Square Park.

In order to create a coherent storyline, we collaborated with playwright Joanna Evans – who wrote the spoken text which guides the users as they roam alongside characters from the time, extracted from original footage and images from 1968, which are layered in space across the square.

Exploring new and immersive storytelling methods is an essential step in creating the intergenerational chain, bringing historical depth and meaning to the social protests taking place in the US of 2018. Our goal is to introduce our audience to both the upheavals and the potentials of 1968, as they encounter those who waved protest signs at the same place, and often on behalf of the same values.


Magic Windows, Prototyping Augmented Reality