Sam Hains

QWERTY SYSTEMS is a voice-controlled video installation depicting a mysterious platform intelligence that has hijacked our entertainment systems



Consisting of a real-time, generative video system and a voice controlled interface – Hypervirus confronts the transformation of the internet into an algorithmic mirror of crowd behavior.

The Hypervirus narrative takes place on a 24/7 cable network called 'Echo' – an algorithmically generated network featuring news, memes, e-sports and healing.

By recycling, remixing and processing the internet in real-time, the system implies an alternate reality where the automation of concept and content has become a totality.

The use of generative content is intended to create a theatrical, dystopian lore in which each user experiences a unique mixture of planned and emergent interaction.

Through a series of diagnostic tests, announcements and voice interactions the user will attempt to identify and understand the virus that is destroying the network. However, in attempting to diagnose the 'virus' the distinction between them and the system begins to blur.


Project Development Studio