Meditation Tunnel

Alizarin Waissberg

a hectic, invigorating, violently positive and painfully honest self-improvement VR rabbit-hole





Sit still.

Are you still?

You are actually moving at great speed around the Earth, around the Sun, around the Milky Way, and through the universe.

Faster than riding a unicorn, on a skateboard, on a cheetah, in a bugatti, on a rocket!

Isn’t it amazing that you can breathe at all?!

So breathe!”

Step into the Meditation Tunnel: a mind-bending, hypnotic, exhilarating experience that pushes beyond the boundaries of VR.

The way to ride the Meditation Tunnel is via a VR headset, while seated on a unicorn in a magical transformative environment. While the main pinnacle of the Meditation Tunnel happens within the headset, it’s certainly not limited to it. Enhanced with projection art, custom-made headset and glitter-icious set design, Meditation Tunnel is as much a performance as much as it is a VR meditation. The viewer is guided to breathe, smile and speak, and their mere participation turns into a spectacle. Meditation tunnel suggests a digital, new-age, New-York, cerebral approach to guided meditation. The entire experience, from the first step into the environment is immersive, rich with audio-visual stimuli crafted to elevate, energize, enlighten, and shake the viewer to the core.

Watch the full, updated render of the tunnel here:


Open Source Cinema, The Poetics of Space

Pleasure Principal

Arnab Chakravarty, Gabriella Garcia

A vibrator that rewards you for creativity, battery charged by making art.


This speculative proof of concept explores how behavioral intervention and self-tracking can stimulate creativity, literally. By tuning erotic reward toward art-making, we can recursively elevate both art and pleasure toward the virtue of bringing more imagination into the world, and honor the sexual response system for its purpose of creation. When a user interacts with the drawing app, their time spent doodling is sent to a database which translates to a number of minutes the device will power for.


Quantified Humanists: Designing Personal Data, Rest of You