ITP / IMA Spring Show 2019

Feedback Mirror
Bora Aydintug
Look at your self and your surrounding in an alternative way
Sound Playground
Katya Rozanova
An ecosystem of semi-autonomous physical objects that emit sound when they want to but that you can also collaborate with by setting them into motion.
Winding time
Chengchao Zhu
Winding Time is an experimental installation that conveys the idea of how people’s relative speed affects their personal timeline and how people’s movement influence their time spread in a particular space.
YG and Jasper's light Store
Rui Wang, Yuguang Zhang
A lot of light design products and installations
Breath We Live
Ella Chung
Breathe We Live is an interactive meditation experience that awakens the reflection of the human relationship with nature through breathing.
Box of Fear
Kexin Lin, Marco Wylie, Rachel Lim, Tianyi Xie, Zhe Wang
A box that educates fear is NOT where you think it is.
Lumi Algae
Nianqi Zhang
A lamp that turns the real-time movement of algae under a microscope into the movement of light
Invisible Labor
Isabella Vento, Sukanya Aneja
The Melody Box
Chunhan Chen, Tianyi Xie, Helen Tang
A Music box that allows people to play with melody, rhythm, and pitch
Yuguang Zhang
"Cats" is a generative arts piece that explores the relationship between AI synthesized digital contents and human beings.
Manu Jain, Tanic Nakpresha
A Virtual Reality Experience where you have no sight, and have to find your way through space using just sound.
Fu Ping
Haiyi Huang, Woan-Chin LIN
A video installation that portrays the absence of the sense of belonging.
Olivia Kung
An exploration of bioplastics and an unconventional application.
Michael Blum
Through an educational learning hub and an interactive playground, both hosted on the same web app, Paralang aims to cultivate literacy, inspire curiosity, and arouse concern with respect to emerging neural language models.
Who is RIGHT?
Zohreh Zadbood
I have designed an experiment that aims at helping individuals to better think about other people's feeling and thoughts using interactive 360 videos. In fact, I want to help audience thinks about answering the question
After Life
Chenshan Gao, Rui An
A VR experience about after life
Guillermo Montecinos
sonAR is an augmented reality sound experience that allows the user to explore music elements in the space.
Pleasure Principal
Arnab Chakravarty, Gabriella Garcia
A vibrator that rewards you for creativity, battery charged by making art.
Louise Lessel, Matthew Ross, Max Horwich
A networked interactive music experience
The Ghost
April Liu
An interactive video installation using holograms to create a space where the boundaries between the digital and physical worlds meet, overlap and bleed together.
Our Modern Love Story
Yves Pokakunkanon
A collection of computer generated poetry that analyzes the relationship between two people with an attempt to find the underlying meanings of thoughts and feelings they exchanged over conversations, text messages, e-mails, and letters.
Life expectancy calculator
Karina Hyland Hernandez
Self-tracking is not done for nothing; it’s to live better. And honestly, longer.
Ching-Hsi Chou
ar drawing in iphone
The two Flagpole protocols
Dana Elkis, Idith Barak
Two flagpoles with sheer flags dancing between the accepted flag protocols; half-staff, full staff.
Hannah Tardie
This work is a networked pulley system about infrastructure, time, and what it means to take up space.
Helen Tang
Effy Fan
A kinetic data sculpture that shows the world relationship between each countries based on data of human labor and artificial intelligence.
Joseph Baker
Multi-direction kinetic chandler that changes light pattern based on the ambient light
The Tuning House
Camilla Padgitt-Coles
"The Tuning House" is a voice-activated light and sound installation where you use your voice to choose a color and sound palette. The frequency of the participant’s voice is translated into a synthesized pitch and color, creating a personalized expression of chromo-synesthesia. Isolating color and sound pairings in this way highlights a simplified and subjective relationship between frequencies which are present all around us.
OCR 01-15-2179
Winnie Yoe
An interactive installation created to materialize a line/a boundary
Marcela Mancino von der Osten
Superfície is a live performance that discusses identity and memory through the materiality of a simultaneously physical and digital living human body.
Pulse Resonance
Jordan Rickman
An audio installation that allows you to feel another person's heartbeat not with your ears, but through your body.
ITP Photo Booth
Rebecca Skurnik
An ITP Photo booth for the Spring Show
Mass Extinction
Dylan Dawkins, Emily Lin, Mingna Li, Maya Pruitt
an interactive Geological rock wall
White Mountain, Black Water
Chenhe Zhang, Yves Pokakunkanon
An installation that explores the characteristics of water and utilizes them to create interactive music experiences.
Corpus Phallosum
August Luhrs
Corpus Phallosum is an interactive installation where 144 transparent dildos lit from within by LEDs act as switches that trigger different animations, sounds, and other functions. The default mode is as a MIDI piano with rippling animations, but to see what mode it's currently in, press one and find out!
reFrame 1.0
M.H. Rahmani
a large transparent HUD AR display with head tracking for data overlay.
Aditya Dahiya, Brent Bailey
An AI mirror trained only to "see" its creators.
Wander Compass
David Azar
Wander Compass is a wearable that takes you to streets where you've never been before.
Monkey Face-Time
Noah Pivnick
Monkey Face-Time is a three player cooperative card game about monkeys living together, looking at each other, and how that changes their appearance over the course of time.
Hayk Mikayelyan, Tanic Nakpresha
When a service is free, you are not the customer. You are the product!
Sonic Cubes
Ada Jiang
A random music generation system that involves motion and spatial arrangement of 6 cubes
Vidia Anindhita
Solus is a series of smart devices that highlights our sense of smell so that people who feel alone can find a state of solitude and joy. How can we transform the experience of this feeling of loneliness into solitude, a state of being alone without being lonely, by exploring our senses and mental states?
A Measure of Care
Elizabeth Ferguson
A Measure of Care is an interactive look at representation and value of people in archives.
Teachable Snake
Ming Pu Shao
Machine learning snake game controlled by gesture.
Haozhong Yao
Immersive experience of a soul wandering through different worlds of his incarnation.
Future Dining
Kexin Lin
Future Dining is an AR project represents the future dining after all foods went extinct.
Marco Wylie
Undercover is an autobiographical performance that weaves vignettes of memory, music and pop culture imagery into a narrative that explores misogyny, gender, and identity from the perspective of a transman.
Sachiko Nakajima
This project is full of magical funny music, created by touching the slime!
Refracting Rays
Aidan Nelson
This installation uses custom lenses and digital rendering software to allow audience members to engage with optics and the phenomenon of refraction.
Blind Date
Xiran Yang
	My thesis project “Blind Date” is an interactive story with game elements in the format of a phone-based website. It features a 28-year-old single Chinese woman’s struggles with enormous pressure to get married early. It is a reflection and critique of the conventions surrounding marriage in contemporary Chinese society.
Eniac Girlz
Jacquelyn Liu
ENIAC Girlz: Program & Pretend is a speculative girl's play set to spark dialog about the historical inequities for women in computing, from the era of the first electronic computer through this day.
Multi-modal Thumb Piano
Adekemi Sijuwade
A browser-based thumb piano that can be played with facial gesture, the mouse, as well as with a touchscreen device.
Aileen Stanziola, Luming Hao
sunadd is an exploration of energy, voltage, difference, abstraction, materiality, information, digitality, and computation in the form of a 1 bit adder of solar information.
Meditation Tunnel
Alizarin Waissberg
a hectic, invigorating, violently positive and painfully honest self-improvement  VR rabbit-hole<br />
Color Crazy
Cameron Partee
iOS augmented reality application aimed at familiarizing people with AR also while having fun.
Haptic Watch
Antonio Guimaraes
Tell time through your sense of touch by feeling the vibration patterns of a haptic motor.
I See You
Mark Lam, Tushar Goyal
'I See You' is a surveillance project that brings to light privacy vulnerabilities in wifi networks and what they can expose about people and their location data.
Hear The Line
Chenyu Sun, Chenhe Zhang, Qice Sun
Hear The Line     -    Augmented Reality Collective Story-Telling Experience​​​​​​​<br />
Nianqi Zhang, Xiaotong Ma
An audio+visual installation that provides a space for sharing and appreciate different languages
Anna Oh
Video player App controlled by Apron (wearable tech design + mobile App)
I Can't Breathe
Ashley Lewis
"I Can't Breathe" is a soft robotics data visualization of the black deaths at the hand of police brutality in North America over the last 10 years.
Claw Machine
Ruyi Chen, Ruojin Shi
What does it feel like to be a toy inside the claw machine?
Pain Killer
Fenfen CHEN, Yuanyuan Wang
This is a garment that relieves the symptoms associated with menstrual cramps in women.
Alexandra Lopez-Duarte
Widowhood is an invisible state in today’s society.
Pre-mom Screening
Shu-Ju Lin, Wenjing Liu
A critical device that tells a user whether or not they should have a baby base on their DNA data.
You Are Not Broken
Raaziq Brown
You Are Not Broken is a virtual environment and physical display showcasing select pieces of digital artwork and paintings that I made during my 100 Days of Broken Fluidity.
The Waiting Room
Lydia Jessup
A rare VR artifact dated around 2025 from one of the underground virtual “waiting speakeasies” that popped up when waiting was eliminated for society’s elites.
The Choice
Son Luu
THE CHOICE - How much privacy are you willing to give up for the convenience of interconnected media?
CRISPR Detective
Adrian Bautista, Antonio Guimaraes, Caroline Neel, Jingyi Wen, Veronica Alfaro
An interactive exhibit to educate visitors on CRISPR's abilities--and risks.
Fenfen CHEN, Xiaotong Ma
“Purr ”is an emotional healing app for overseas students.
In Memoriam
Ellen Nickles, Carrie Wang
A shared VR experience for two participants to explore and imagine a future world together.
The sun lamp
Arnab Chakravarty
A desk lamp that shines like the sun for you.
p5.js Shaders
Casey Conchinha, Louise Lessel
A resource for learning the what, why, and how of using shaders in p5.js.
Kat Vlasova
A retrowave neogoth Virtual Reality experience that takes the user on a dystopian journey of becoming a successful artist in the social media age.
Crater Creater
Chenyu Sun, Carol Chen, Kexin Lin
Crater Creator is an interactive game designed for the American Museum of Natural History's Space Fest to educate people about moon craters in a fun way.
Call Alexander
Rashida Kamal
A rotary phone that allows you to find documents related to Alexander Graham Bell, its inventor, on the Library of Congress website.
Royal Escape
Mai Arakida Izsak
Step into a boat to discover a virtual oasis in the middle of the ocean.
I'm Touched
Idith Barak, Noah Pivnick
A dress that reveals the wearers emotions when being paid attention by emitting a varying ringing sound.
Pillow Talk
Matthew Ross
Experimental Pillow Based Voice Sampler And Instrument
Jason Yung
Medium for creating light art using light and shadow
Slow numbers
Nicolas Sanin
An automatic "artist machine" that rolls dice and creates a digital painting that visualizes the results of the continuous dice rolling.
Anna Gudnason, Morgan Mueller
A live coding performance piece using Max msp/jitter that manipulates and distorts faces with visual and auditory narratives.
Nicholas Gregg, Sukanya Aneja
The Liquid Router makes you aware of the data you are leaking (and the multi-billion dollar industry based around these third-party trackers) during your internet browsing experience.