Wander Compass

David Azar

Wander Compass is a wearable that takes you to streets where you've never been before.



We are creatures of habit. Our everyday commute is the same, and we tend not to take a longer, more scenic route in order to prioritize efficiency and time. In that process, we don't see beautiful, unpredictable things that contribute to our creative subconscious.

But what if there was something to nudge us to make a change, even for a few minutes, and help us discover unique spots and places around the city?

Wander Compass is a wearable that goes around the back of your neck. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and tracks your GPS location. Whenever you reach an intersection, the compass will vibrate on the back of your head or on either sides of your neck to indicate you where to go next. It keeps a record of the streets that you've visited, so it will always take you to a new location.


Homemade Hardware, Playful Experiences, Quantified Humanists: Designing Personal Data