Haozhong Yao

Immersive experience of a soul wandering through different worlds of his incarnation.


Inspired by the Cloud Atlas, I want to create an experience of going through multiple worlds at the same time. There are three worlds (dead world, animal world, human world), and the user is enabled to shift back and forth between them. Also, these are some subtle cues weaving through different worlds that lead the user to notice that although they don’t seem relevant with each other, his existence is the key that links them together.
The aesthetic of each world is very dreamlike. They are composed of realistic objects but the arrangement is designed to be abstract, mysterious, and symbolic.
During the approach to the edge of each world, the worlds keep being shifted around, and the user passes by the landscape and events happened in each worlds. In the end, the user will encounter a character when he reaches the mirror on the edge of each world – a skeleton, a cow, a girl, each represents a reincarnation of his soul.


Immersive Experiences (UG)