Qiuniu, Pulao and Diting

Lyujiang Chen

It is a delicate installation allowing multiple interesting gestures to trigger music pieces.



Diting is a mythical creature who is good at listening. Qiuniu and Pulao are two sons of Chinese dragon who are good at music. The physical part of the project is a panel. The panel is the physical part of my final performance for three classes: designing interface for live performance, code of music, and networked media. The whole project is a live performance that I will control the physical part, the panel, and the audience can join the show by entering my website. The server will collect data and trigger sound effects. Back to the physical part. In the link above, there is a sketch of my project and how the panel will look like. My current plan is to make a Weiqi chessboard and trigger the beats, melody, and harmony effects by putting down chess pieces. The sensors I will take advantage of include buttons, distance sensors, accelerometer, potentiometer, etc. The sound will be made in Abelton through Max. All the sound effect will produce visual effects with P5.js. The server end will use node.js and Jquery to collect and manipulate data. The physical part will be about the laptop size.


Designing Interfaces for Live Performance (UG), Networked Media (UG), The Code of Music (UG)