Perspectives in the National Parks

Jaekook Han

Explore the happenings in the National Parks and discover the gap between the google maps


Perspectives in the National Parks is a project that shows the various way of seeing of four national parks which are Yellowstone, Acadia, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains national parks through the map collection, “Mapping the National Parks” from Library of Congress in the US. This project will explore the gap between the old way of cartography and modern style like google maps. In nowadays, people can variously see the maps on the web like street view, satellite view but people only see the technology in there. However, old maps which are drawn by hands of cartographer only shows one perspective, but people can feel the human touch and cartographer's endeavor. In this project, I want to show different aspects of the old maps and also, reveal the cartographer who made the maps by there physical effort.


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