Hannah Tardie

This work is a networked pulley system about infrastructure, time, and what it means to take up space.


This work is a networked pulley system about infrastructure and what it means to take up space. It uses custom hardware and is programmed according to the amount of time it will be installed. During its installation, it will complete 2 laps or cycles per day. Some laps will be done at a high speed in a matter of minutes, while others may take hours. This project was created based on an interest in erratic and uncontrollable temporalities. While the material of the project remains the same throughout its duration, its movement through space at specific times qualifies the material. In the same way, this project adds a temporality and infrastructure to the space it inhabits, creating a relationship to its position in space with ways of keeping time. While it can be thought of as a physical network, transmitting information from room to room, it can also be considered a meditation on what it means to occupy space. In one way, the piece takes up more space than any other project in the show, inhabiting multiple rooms. In another way, it takes up the least amount of space as it does not touch the floor, and is out of typical human field of view. Viewers must look up at the ceiling in order to perceive the work.


Homemade Hardware, Project Development Studio