Mass Extinction

Dylan Dawkins, Emily Lin, Mingna Li, Maya Pruitt

an interactive Geological rock wall


Mass Extinction is an interactive exhibit inspired by the work of Dr. Michael R. Rampino, a professor in the Biology and Environmental Studies Department at New York University.

As a geologist, Rampino’s research focuses on mass extinctions – cataclysmic events that wipe out large numbers of species in a relatively short period of geological time. Rampino studies the causes of mass extinctions, the geological evidence that they happened, and their lasting impact. His work is done both in the lab and out in the field, where sedimentary rock layers can be examined for clues about Earth’s history.

You are invited to step into the shoes of a geologist with this interactive. Using a tablet, you can excavate the rock layers and scan for evidence of mass extinctions. AR components will provide bite-size pieces of information to teach you more about geological history.


Playful Communication of Serious Research