Manu Jain, Tanic Nakpresha

A Virtual Reality Experience where you have no sight, and have to find your way through space using just sound.



Manu and Tanic are creating a virtual reality experience where the user is not given the affordance of sight, and must find their way to their destination using just sound.

There are no visuals to rely upon, the experience for the user is completely dark. The piece begins by the user hearing sounds that they are on a subway. They must then focus upon the spatial and localized audio implemented to realize how to navigate the space off the train, onto a subway platform, call and take an elevator to street level, find a street corner, listen for cues for when it is safe to cross the street, and find their ultimate destination. There are specified sounds and directions that the user must hone in on to wayfind.

The virtual reality experience is being built in Unity and designed for the Oculus headset.


The Poetics of Space