Grandma's Garden

Shiyu Chen

A fun and playful VR interactive experience that makes you feel hospitable and homy while experience my childhood memory in a faraway island.


This project is made for my grandma, and the memory I had with her. Users will be in a 3D immersive environment and will wake up in a wood house and greeted by the grandma. She would love to make the user breakfast but also asks the user to do her a favor: feed the chicken and pick up some vegetables into the basket. After finishing the test, the user will be more than welcome to walk into her house and has breakfast with her. I was born on a tropical island, and users will be able to travel virtually to this island to enjoy a different countryside life.


The Poetics of Space


Manu Jain, Tanic Nakpresha

A Virtual Reality Experience where you have no sight, and have to find your way through space using just sound.



Manu and Tanic are creating a virtual reality experience where the user is not given the affordance of sight, and must find their way to their destination using just sound.

There are no visuals to rely upon, the experience for the user is completely dark. The piece begins by the user hearing sounds that they are on a subway. They must then focus upon the spatial and localized audio implemented to realize how to navigate the space off the train, onto a subway platform, call and take an elevator to street level, find a street corner, listen for cues for when it is safe to cross the street, and find their ultimate destination. There are specified sounds and directions that the user must hone in on to wayfind.

The virtual reality experience is being built in Unity and designed for the Oculus headset.


The Poetics of Space

You Are Not Broken

Raaziq Brown

You Are Not Broken is a virtual environment and physical display showcasing select pieces of digital artwork and paintings that I made during my 100 Days of Broken Fluidity.



We are one and one is us. We live our lives selfishly – as if we are the only entity that exists. Lost in our own isolation and narcissism, we often forget that we are mere specks in a larger system and environment that we cannot nearly fathom. This reality is true for all other things around us, as well. I have created the visual concept of ‘Broken Fluidity’ to serve as a metaphor for this phenomenon. I use cylindrical figures, also referred to as ‘pieces’ or ‘pipes’, to create and recreate wholes that exist within society. These wholes can range from words to blatant abstractions to cartoon characters, but each work is representative of the idea that many distinct pieces, aspects, and qualities come together to create what we perceive as complete entities.

In You Are Not Broken, I use the medium of virtual reality to create an interactive experience that takes users on an adventure through an environment completely inspired by Broken Fluidity. With pathways created out of BF pieces and 3 gallery rooms presenting Masud’s digital artwork, this experience will serve as a showroom for the emerging artist. Tapping into abstraction, nostalgia, and representation of oppressed groups, Brown’s work displayed in You Are Not Broken takes a step into his mind and discipline during a time in which he studied Broken Fluidity for 100 straight days. The declaration that ‘You Are Not Broken’ is intended to reinforce the idea that no individual is shattered, defeated, or fragmented, but instead, each individual is an essential piece of the larger whole which we consider the universe.


100 Days of Making, The Poetics of Space

Color Crazy

Cameron Partee

iOS augmented reality application aimed at familiarizing people with AR also while having fun.


The concept of this game is to prompt a user to tap on specific things placed around them in their environment. Ideally a user would play this when ever they get bored or whenever they want to see something cool.


The Poetics of Space

Meditation Tunnel

Alizarin Waissberg

a hectic, invigorating, violently positive and painfully honest self-improvement VR rabbit-hole





Sit still.

Are you still?

You are actually moving at great speed around the Earth, around the Sun, around the Milky Way, and through the universe.

Faster than riding a unicorn, on a skateboard, on a cheetah, in a bugatti, on a rocket!

Isn’t it amazing that you can breathe at all?!

So breathe!”

Step into the Meditation Tunnel: a mind-bending, hypnotic, exhilarating experience that pushes beyond the boundaries of VR.

The way to ride the Meditation Tunnel is via a VR headset, while seated on a unicorn in a magical transformative environment. While the main pinnacle of the Meditation Tunnel happens within the headset, it’s certainly not limited to it. Enhanced with projection art, custom-made headset and glitter-icious set design, Meditation Tunnel is as much a performance as much as it is a VR meditation. The viewer is guided to breathe, smile and speak, and their mere participation turns into a spectacle. Meditation tunnel suggests a digital, new-age, New-York, cerebral approach to guided meditation. The entire experience, from the first step into the environment is immersive, rich with audio-visual stimuli crafted to elevate, energize, enlighten, and shake the viewer to the core.

Watch the full, updated render of the tunnel here:


Open Source Cinema, The Poetics of Space