The sun lamp

Arnab Chakravarty

A desk lamp that shines like the sun for you.


The desk lamp responsively changes according to the sun and it moves between bright cool light to dark yellow light based on the movement of the sun and the circadian cycle. The lamp monitor the ambient brightness and adapts to the environment around you so that you do not feel any glare on your eyes.


Light and Interactivity

Pleasure Principal

Arnab Chakravarty, Gabriella Garcia

A vibrator that rewards you for creativity, battery charged by making art.


This speculative proof of concept explores how behavioral intervention and self-tracking can stimulate creativity, literally. By tuning erotic reward toward art-making, we can recursively elevate both art and pleasure toward the virtue of bringing more imagination into the world, and honor the sexual response system for its purpose of creation. When a user interacts with the drawing app, their time spent doodling is sent to a database which translates to a number of minutes the device will power for.


Quantified Humanists: Designing Personal Data, Rest of You