Fu Ping

Haiyi Huang, Woan-Chin LIN

A video installation that portrays the absence of the sense of belonging.



This installation is a digital portrayal of the artists and their continuous search for their sense of belonging. Both artists left their home country at a very young age, and the experience of constantly moving to a new city has led them to accustom to the feeling of not deeply rooted in any particular place. In this installation, the artists and the cities they have lived in are projected on the two leaves floating on the surface of the moving water. It uses the metaphor of “fu ping” (the mandarin for duckweeds), which are plants floating on the surface of still or slow-moving bodies of fresh water, as a symbol for the artists’ rootless feelings.

The concept of the installation originated from the artists’ personal experience. Having to acclimate to different environments and cultures in their early stage of life, the artists have constantly taken on new identities and are constantly looking for a place where they feel they belong. The hustling bustling videos of the cities in which the artists have lived are projected in the shape of their bodies, contrasting their projected lackadaisical movements on the leaves, to emphasize on their helplessness of the swift shifting of their environment. The floating leaves on the moving water are a symbol for “fu ping” (the mandarin for duckweeds), which the artists use as a metaphor for their sense of rootlessness.


Video Sculpture

The Drawing Booth

Haiyi Huang

How can drawing help us “see” ourselves better and empower us through self-discovery? A interactive drawing booth that allows people to “capture” themselves through their drawing process.



Drawing has always been a way for me to process my thoughts. As technology continues to advance and our daily life becomes increasingly digital, I now realize the value drawing is able to offer to me—the freedom and the time for self-reflection. How can drawing help us “see” ourselves better and empower us through self-discovery? I want to design a drawing experience that allow people to capture their own essence —their inner thoughts, voices, emotions, personalities, and quirks.
The Drawing Booth resembles a photo booth, but instead of taking photos, visitors capture themselves through drawing,by recording and revealing their drawing process. Upon entering the Drawing Booth, the visitor will be guided to randomly select a prompt, for example, “draw something that makes you smile no matter what”. A webcam is placed above the drawing paper to record the drawing process. Once the visitor is done drawing, a time-lapse video showing the visitor’s characteristic process of drawing is generated as a “portrait” of the visitor.



Thesis Presentation Video