I'm Touched

Idith Barak, Noah Pivnick

A dress that reveals the wearers emotions when being paid attention by emitting a varying ringing sound.



This wearable project was Inspired by Victor&Rolf's “Bell Collection” fall 2000, This project set out to achieve the same effect their dress had on a body in motion, in a setting where there was no body to activate the bells.

Furthermore this dress aims to examine the relationship between

wearer – garment – gazer. How can a garment relay information about a wearers emotional state through sound even if their body is completely still.

The dress is a Chiffon evening dress with 250 jingle bells that are being vibrated using 8 motors activated by a heart shaped touch sensor.

Programed with different vibration patterns depending on the duration of activation of the sensor.

The different vibration pattern symbolize the range of emotions an individual might experience when receiving different amounts of attention. When does exciting flattery become uncomfortable?


Intro to Wearables

Monkey Face-Time

Noah Pivnick

Monkey Face-Time is a three player cooperative card game about monkeys living together, looking at each other, and how that changes their appearance over the course of time.



Players communicate using visual clues and indirect information to help one another evolve three distinct species of monkeys, each with its own unique facial pattern. The fewer shared facial pattern components, the healthier the community and the better the outcome for everyone.

Advance all three monkey markers to the outer ring of the character displacement scale before the cards run out and you’ve aced the evolution game.

Monkey Face-Time was inspired by guenon monkey facial pattern and character displacement research conducted by the Primate Reproductive Ecology and Evolution Group at NYU’s Center for the Study of Human Origins (CSHO). The game is designed to foster mental models of complex evolutionary concepts through playful interaction.

Monkey face component artwork by Helen Tang.


Playful Communication of Serious Research