Magical Pencil


Magical Pencil is a video game telling a story about a journey of a deserter who has a magical pencil by which whatever is drawn becomes real. In the game, players can create whatever they want by hand drawing to help the character to return to his home. The game can recognize what the player is drawing, and spawn a corresponding item in the game world, with an appearance of the player’s doodle, to interact with the player.


We all remember how cool it is when we saw Neo in Matrix saying “Guns, lots of guns.” So what if we get whatever we need in a video game just as simple as that? Then the purpose of the game switches from managing to obtain the game item to figure out what item is one of the solutions.

Moreover, hand drawing recognized by the game is a huge “Wow” moment, which is powered by the magic of Machine Learning. Riding on a motorcycle that was drawing by the player is another level of mind-blowing.



Thesis Presentation Video