ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8


Feihu Yu

after deeply thinking about current people's behavior in the internet world(including the online community),hopefully trying to do something to make people become more romantic, gentleman and appropriately.Let people could see each other face on face when they play game or role in internet world.Will we perform better?

With the internet action game developing more and more fantastic,the potential instinct could be active when people playing game. People usually could find way to do what they really want to do even the thing that they can't do it in the real world. People are satisfied by playing the game. But do we become more violent and brutal in that fake world? Do we care our opponents feeling when we killed their characters in the game world. It is a controversy and People have been talking about it for a while.
Why people become so different from the real world on the internet? How come we are so gentleman in front of the people but convert to be so barbaric in the fake world. People could do something more with the mask. What if we let player see each other alive when they playing the game.

investigation shows us that even the high-educated people could be very crazy and violent when they are in the fake world. In the internet world, people are dare to talk more truly and aggressively and also perform violently and abnormally....
Is that true?

online game players, the regular internet users

Maya, Virtools, photoshop, flash

We need to consider more when we develop action game
violent game or the action game could be a good way for people to release their sin and pressure or vice verses.
action game itself is positive or negative to the young people.