ITP Thesis Week 2009
Monday, May 4 - Friday, May 8

Follow Yourself: A Game of Personality, Habit and Change

Yuan-Ting Chiu

“Follow yourself” is a personality game in which participants reveal their differences.

Follow yourself or them. Build a stage for people to show their habit, work, profession, and personality. When they meet other person, they will fellow the other person’s habit or change. The purpose of the game is to show how people meet each other and, as a result of their interaction and continued association, effect change or somehow alter the traits of the other person.

1. Interactive projection technology
Use hand to make some motion with the wall. Play with the wall.
2. 3D interactive projection
use projector to have interactive with motion, fish, flower, and person.


User Scenario
First, the player works alone, to establish his/her identity within the rules of the game. At the beginning of the game, users invent different or same geometric objects which they think represent their inner selves. As they play with these geometric forms, papers fall from the top of the game space. Each piece of paper will have different words with meaningful messages inside. Each player must intuit the best characteristic among the messages in these falling papers and choose which from among them the words which best represent his/her self.
Next, the game will require two or more players to play together. First, many colorful balloons will float into the game space, and the players will be asked to run up to the screen. Players will need to work together to stop the balloons as they run up to the screen. As the players learn more about each other, their personal geometric objects will become more similar to each other.

Interactive game content:
1. Falling message on paper - connect to yourself.
2. Floating balloons to the screen – interact/work together.

Technology Outline:
1. I will use video projection to illuminate the screen on a wall.
2. I will project displays using projector based tracking.
3. Papers. Balloons.