The Walk

Aly Wolff-Mills

The Walk is an animated story of a walk through a Dickens-esque London street at midnight—where 19th Century literature meets pre-dawn adventure.

The Walk is an animation of a short story I wrote about a walk through a Dickens-esque London street at midnight and is inspired by three distinct sources: 19th century literature, my life as a club kid in London, and a variety of creepy and adorable web comics. The story draws from the style of 19th century novels—particularly Oliver Twist and Hardtimes. The graphic style borrows heavily from 19th century illustrators, Phiz and Sir John Tenniel. More modern inspiration for the piece comes from the drawings of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey, and the web comics Saladfingers and Strindberg and Helium.

After Effects is my animation program of choice, the aesthetic of most Tim Burton projects are inspiring, particular scenes from Hardtimes and Oliver Twist were part of the inspiration for the story. As were the short stories of HH Munroe.

The Walk has been created to be viewed online.

I intend to write and animate a short story about a walk through a Dickens-esque London street at midnight. I'd like to animate using found and archival footage as well as some hand drawn resources. The aesthetic will be dark and Victorian but the ending will be a surprising contrast.